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Joining the Monroe College Alumni Association offers so much more than keeping in touch with former classmates and faculty members. It’s an incredibly fulfilling way to engage and be part of a real community.

The Monroe network is comprised of more than 38,000 alumni. Just imagine, having 38,000 connections on LinkedIn; all having shared a common college experience! Association membership helps you find caring, friendly faces in your field with access to networking connections, jobs and professional growth opportunities.

Alumni membership also entitles members to lifetime career assistance, job placement, and access to college resources like the library and Learning Center, as well as special workshops and seminars which sharpen technical skills and can help you advance in your career. These services are all available free of charge to members.

Join our 38,000 Monroe College alumni today by becoming a member of the Monroe College Alumni Association and interact with your peers and other alumni in a host of fun social and educational activities throughout the year.